Friday, October 20, 2017

Ladies in Holiday: Bangkok 4D 3N

Bangkok in the morning
Out of my list, somehow Bangkok appears to be my destination to travel this year! Yeaaaay!

I was not expected to travel anywhere around this time, but then couple of my colleagues were invited for workshop in Bangkok, and we - who did not invited, have the initiative to go to Bangkok for holiday. And I was in.

I managed to booked a promotional priced Singapore Airlines for IDR 3.6 mio round trip. Since this is SQ, and it was my first experience with SQ, so let it be. I am absolutely satisfied with everything SQ provided, except the fact that my Credit Cards was declined during my visit at 7/11 at Changi - all of my CC (and again, it was not SQ's fault).

Bangkok was as I remembered, crowded. And this time I am more prepared and have more time to examine the Suvarnabhumi Airport - yes, it was huge. Similar with our Terminal 3 Soekarno Hatta actually.

So here's my itinerary:

1st Day: Arriving at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and Visit Ratchada Night Train Market

We took a taxi to hotel at Pratunam, and please be aware that most of taxi driver cannot speak in English. So we need to be very careful in explaining our destination, better if you write it down, and cruise along with google map on your hand.

My friend and I were staying at Centara Watergate Pavillion at Pratunam, since we were planning to visit Platinum Fashion Mall on the day after. This hotel is located across Pratunam Market, and opposite Platinum. I was booked Berkeley Hotel, but then changed to Centara - which I felt sorry for this and perhaps would try Berkeley on my next visit.

We spent our first night at Ratchada Night Train Market, as recommended by my friend in Bangkok, and it was soooooo satisfying. We actually managed to revisit this 3rd biggest night market on our 3rd day in Bangkok.

The night market was far from what we have in Jakarta. There were many food stalls selling Thai's street food and many more, also fashion and accessories in bargained prices. However, the price offered is very affordable, though. No need to bargain too much if you're not really into bargaining activity. 

Foods, are like heaven. Anything you would like to try from infamous Thai street food might be available there. We tried the Thai Salt Crusted Fish, Pad Thai, and boiled clam shell. Fish is so juicy and tender - delicious! Pad Thai was my favorite, with different taste from various Pad Thai's seller, and clams is not as I expected. Would not recommend that. 

I was also tried the crispy cricket (sounds yuck but the actual taste is good), banana pancake (super delicious), Dorayaki (soft pancake with jams inside), Mango Sticky Rice, and of course the Thai Milk Tea (it's actually everywhere and all of them has a great taste). 

I would recommend anyone coming to Bangkok to visit this night market, as it was located in the city center and just behind Esplanade Shopping Mall. So you can have 2 shopping trip at the same location. The infamous Big C supermarket is also located next to the Esplanade, and you can get many Thai food ingredients there. They even open from morning until 2am!

2nd Day: Platinum Fashion Mall, Wat Arun, and Asiatique Night Market

Bangkok was infamous as shopping destination for many people. So yes, we were one of them. 
We chose to stay at Pratunam area due to proximity to Platinum. And we were so happy that we spent half of our 2nd day in the mall. You can get many good stuffs in bargained price - well, we actually did not bargain that much. 

You will see many people bringing trolley bags - it is common for wholesaler and re-seller. 

We started so early at 9am, and most of the shops were still prepare to open. So, we decided to have some breakfast at upper floor. It's a huge food court with many variety of foods. You can easily find Tom Yum, Curry, Mango Dessert, or Coconut there. My choice was a plate of fried carrot cake (I assume it was herbs and radish), and coconut slushy. 

I can say Bangkok is a food heaven, too. Most of dishes I've tried was appetizing and delicious. As a plus, they're also cheap.

We stayed for around 40 minutes, and continue shopping. We started from 5th floor for accessories and kids apparel. Apparently, we spent too much there! That's Mum's lyfe. Anything for kids. 
I got dresses, tops, pants, skirt, and dolls for my daughter. And the dress mostly spent around 150-250 baht (or similar to IDR 60.000 - 100.000). THAT'S WHAT WE CALLED HEAVEN! Lol.

Floors below are for adults. I got 2 shirt for hubby, and the others are tops and dresses for me, and perhaps for resell. And the price? Spent around 200-350 each. It got me half luggage full.

We then moved to an apartment from AirBnB located in Phloen Chit (because we will stay with other 2, so we need a place for all 4 of us). Bangkok is a busy city with traffic jam anytime anywhere. Just like in Jakarta. So, it took us around 30 minutes from Pratunam to Phloen Chit by taxi. 

Taxi, is cheap in Bangkok. And make it better, Uber and Grab services are available all around Bangkok with cheaper price. It took us 100-150 baht per trip. 

After resting our feet, we went to Wat Arun. Our first plan was going to Grand Palace, but it was closed for preparation of King Bhumibol's cremation.

Wat Arun can easily be reached using BTS from Phloen Chit to Siam, change to Silom Line and stop at Saphan Taksin Station. Leave to exit 2 and take Chao Phraya Express Boat directly to Wat Arun. I can only remember the price for the boat, 50 baht per trip. From Wat Arun, you can take another boat to cross the river to Wat Pho. 
The blue wall is where you can buy ticket for Chao Phraya Express Boat for tourist

You need to remember that going to temples means you need to wear proper clothing. Do not wear shorts and sleeveless tops. But if you need to, you can rent a sarong to cover whatever you need. 
Beautiful Wat Arun
Wat Arun is much achievable for me, considering it's size and easy access. The temple is so beautiful with details in each and every side. You will need to be careful when stepping into it's stairs, because it's quite high. I did not continue to Wat Pho, since my friend was wearing shorts and the last time I went there, I was overtired - it was huge! :D

It was not crowded. So we can take picture like this.

We left Wat Arun at around 5.30 and continue to Asiatique Night Market using Chao Phraya Express Boat directly to the market. 

I can say that Asiatique is gigantic in size and overcrowded. It has two sides, one is modern style stalls and restaurants, the other side is street food vendor. I myself chose the street food. But we did not satisfied too much with the food there, because we found it is tastier and more options in Ratchada Night Market. 

We spent too much walking, even looking for toilet would be tiring. And we spent our night in Asiatique buying some souvenirs from Naraya, a famous homemade stuffs from Thailand. I bought bags and aprons, their price varies around 150 baht to 500 baht. 

Did our night end? No. We continued to Big C using Grab. And it was a mistake, we should take MRT for faster way. 

Big C is a hypermarket. And as we all know what hypermarket is, we can absolutely find famous brand products that aren't sold in Indonesia. We bought Milka, Thai Tea, and Dried Mango. And that's the end of our night, and my luggage is totally full from day 2 trip. 

3rd Day: Trip to Hua Hin and Ratchada Train Night Market

One of my friend keep recommending Hua Hin for our next destination. So since we were in Indonesia, we have planned for the trip. 

We hired a van with driver for 4000 baht per day (12 hours). And the van is totally stunned us, because it looked exclusive and absolutely comfortable. 

We and the Van.
The owner recommend us to visit Floating Market, Swiss Sheep Farm, Santorini Park, and Hua Hin. 

We followed the itinerary, starting from Floating Market. For foreigner like us, we need to pay 2000 baht per trip per boat (for 6 pax). It feels weird to be considered as foreigner hahahaha...

We found the floating market is not really interesting (but they do have a very interesting artist who sell very nice painting!). But the trip on the boat itself is much much interesting for us. 

Continue to Hua Hin, we take another stop in Cha Am - just before Hua Hin, to Swiss Sheep Farm and Santorini Park. 

Swiss Sheep Farm is much comparable with the Ranch in Bandung. I myself saw some sheep, but the details they put on the park is more interesting for taking pictures. So we spent an hour for taking picture here and there. The entrace fee is 120 baht each. 
Photo spots in Swiss Sheep Farm
Next, Santorini Park. We imagined a huge park with details like Santorini, and perhaps we can see the sea. But na ah. You won't see any sea and it is not huge. But yes, they painted the building white and blue like in Santorini. It's actually a shopping area, but not many tenants and not many food. This trip is much disappointing for us since they also took entrance fee 150 baht each. 

We continue to Hua Hin, and first destination is Hua Hin Train Station, one of the oldest Train Station in Thailand. Well, I can say the ambiance in the train station is soothing and calming. And it was somehow making me happy to see the old station managed to keep its original shape. Dominated by Red and White color, you will be able to take a good picture in any angle. 
A beautiful old building
Next, the Beach. Well, it's a beach. What can go wrong, otherwise you see a horse pee and poo on the sands right in front of entrance gate. The beach has narrow sandy side. Water is clear and blue. But we did not find it's interesting. So we decided to leave Hua Hin to the Ratchada Train Night Market again!
As a proof that we were on the beach!
We end up paying 4500 baht + 200 baht for tips for driver. And we ate another portions of Salt Crusted Fish. Overall, every piece of foods are making us happy there. 

Day 4: MBK (While the others going to Chatuchak Weekend Market)

It's our last day, and I need to leave to airport by 12 or the latest 1pm. My flight is at 3.30pm. 
We spent last day shopping at MBK. Last time I remember, there were many things interesting for me. But now, since I left several hundreds of baht only and no more space in my luggage, nothing interest me :D
The late King's picture on a high rise building's wall. Seen from MBK.

So that was my last day, and I left for airport by 1pm. Arrived at Suvarnabhumi near 2pm, checked in, and straight to boarding gate since it was expected to board at 2.30 pm. 

Please spare more of your time just in case the immigration check took more time. 

That's all for Bangkok, and we want more! *lol*

Bye Bye Bangkok!


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    TFS cerita jalan2nya :D

    1. Taksi online for sure, Mbak. Nggak perlu repot2 jelasin tujuan kita pakai bahasa isyarat. Hehe.. Asal tag lokasi tujuannya bener yaa.


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