Monday, October 23, 2017

Hotel Review: the Alana Yogyakarta

I was suppose to write a review back in August, but it kept hanging on my draft. So, this is based on my last trip to Jogja few months ago with my little family - a business plus family traveling.

To make the story short, I chose this hotel over the infamous Yat's Colony or any other, since they offer good price and was recommended by my friends. I had no experience with them, nor the other Alana in other area. However, the one in Solo was very recommended by my friends, too.

We got a room with view to the pool, which makes my daughter totally happy. She spent most of her days by the window, staring at the pool. But she could only spent maximum 1 hour on the pool, since the water is totally freezing and it's much windy there. 
Kids pool is not seen from this picture

Located in Jalan Tentara Palagan, quite far from the hustle bustle of Jogjakarta. Hotel lobby is not seen from entrance gate, and there are also a convention center in front of hotel building. I felt lack of Javanese ambiance from the building. However, they have sculpture on their walls.

Check in was easy, and as I came early in the morning, they helped me keeping my luggage and make my husband's and daughter's arrival easier. There's no issue with their service. 
I can easily get taxi from hotel, assisted by the front door assistant. 

Get into the room later in the afternoon, I saw they have spacious room. No wonder they are recommended for family traveling with kids. Beside the room size, they also have a sofa bed. So you may not need to book for another extra bed. It's of course a plus from me. To make it better, they provided mini bar for free! 

Spacious room area
What's lacking from the room is the homey ambiance. Yes, I am totally critics. I need to be satisfied by a full package of a hotel. So, my first day with the hotel still 50:50. 

We went for dinner near hotel, and there was a street full of restaurant, cafe and food stalls! I really love it. That was one of our favorite thing from hotel location. 

We managed to have breakfast on the next day, and it was totally disaster to my holiday. Nothing in the hotel taste good. It was surprised for me, as many Aston chains as I knew offered good quality of foods. All three of us did not satisfied with our breakfast. If you really need to stay in the hotel, I would recommend to get breakfast outside. 
View from breakfast area

For our 3D 2 N stay, we rent a car, and we also found out that parking area was limited. The area was shared with apartment and convention center. Thus, finding a good parking location is like a gem. 

Overall, we did not really happy with our stay at Alana. And we would like to try Hyatt instead :)

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