Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mommy Gotta Get Back To Work

Dear Baby,

One day, when you read this, you might be a happier baby, live your life to the fullest, and filled your life with smiles. I am not expecting you to hate me, for every second we missed together.

Yes, Mommy's gotta get back to work. I don't know whether I have to be sad or not.

Some in my society might judge me for this decision, or support my back. I really don't care.
All I know is, I am doing it for us. Yes, all of us.

For every dream we made and work to make it come true. For every brighter future. For everything that makes us achieve our happiness.

After 1.5 years being a stay at home mom and entrepreneur, I finally make a decision to take a full time job again. This time, for real. It was never been an easy decision to make, but when I did, I am happy. That time I know, that it is right.

I wasn't worry about my separation with my daughter, because I know there will always be a quality time to catch. I am worrying more about her adapt with the new situation, where there won't be any boobs to catch during nap time and Mommy's milk for snack. But I'm sure she'll catch up with that in a short period of time.

I wasn't even sure about my capability to work, now. More than a year not using my super brain to think. Lol.
Well, to know the fact that I am still have the fire on when I saw pile of tasks for me, I know that capability just being hidden behind those kitchen utensils.

Well, baby. My biggest concern was on the people I used to work with, and threatened to lose their income if I quit cooking. I will really think about that soon. Really.

Baby, be good. Kisses and hugs forever!


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