Thursday, June 18, 2015

Time to Post About... Baby Gears - Utilities - Whatever!

Just like other New Mom's done in this viral life, I would happily share my experience in using baby gears. Yeah, LOTS OF BABY GEARS! Hehehe...

She's only 9 months, and made me get used to those life-assistance on my everyday lives. Well, even if we might not need it, but it's still worth to try - or at least to know. 

Sooooo... here's my list for Gia's Baby Gears - Utilities *grin*

  1. Baby Crib
    I was so sure that my baby needs a crib, since we have a queen-sized bed and it's hard for me to move my body from side to side, hehe.. So yesssss, we bought a new crib for Gia!

    It's not an easy task, though. My husband and I going around places and take a look a lots of online shops to get the crib we want. Finally, we get one we like from Equi just 2 days before the baby coming. Fyuh.

    Well, yeah, just like the others has predicted, we used the crib for 6 months only before she finally moved to our bed - and we turned it into a king-sized bed. She's now sleeping with us through the night, and I can still move my body around. Hehehe...

  2. Baby Tafel
    This is the best equipment I had - yeah, I am no longer using it now. 

    However, during Gia's first 7 months of life, we could really maximized it. We put baby clothes on it, too. So, it was like a one spot dedicated  for baby. We are no longer using it because Gia is growing bigger and longer that her tafel no longer accommodate her in it. 

    Oh, we get the tafel from my cousin, and now it is turning into a kitchen rack. Hehehehehe...

  3. Stroller
    It might be the most awaited gear for me. Thinking about pushing the stroller with baby in it, made me happy! We then get the stroller from my uncle, it was Graco Metrolite.

    Well, it's a very strong stroller. My husband used to call it: All Terrain Vehicle, because we can easily use it in the road (during Car Free Day) and shopping mall. The downsides are:
    - Too heavy and need a big space on our slimmy city car
    - Handle is not reversible, so Gia usually do not like to sit in her stroller for too long. She really adore her cute mommy :p

    That is why... we are now hunting for our dream stroller. I will update later after getting the one we like. It have to be slim, reversible, and strong
  4. Baby Bouncer
    Never thought that bouncer could be so helpful in baby's early lives. I get 3 different bouncers from friends and relatives, and fell into the one with strong chassis. Gia used to spent her days in the bouncer, while I do laundry, iron, eat, watching TV and etc. She can took a nap on it, too. Really helpful. But it last for few months only. She seldom use it now, because she likes to move around or sit in upright position. 

  5. Baby Bather and Bathtub
    Besides baby tafel, I am using this stuff frequently, too. Everyday. 

    The first bather was a rubber duck bathtub. Her tiny body fits into the tub perfectly. She used it for around 3 months, before changing into a bigger Puku tub until now. 
    The rubber duck is still being used for travelling purpose. I brought it to Belitung, because the hotel didn't have any bathtub and have hanging shower only. Really helpful. 

    For baby bather, Gia has 2 types. One to put inside her Puku tub, and the other one can stand alone. So, for her afternoon shower, she can have the bather only because the water from my shower is warm already *grin*

    Oh, I also brought the baby bather only for her Garut trip. Simple.

  6. Sleeping Mat
    We get it from my cousin. I wasn't sure if Gia need a sleeping mat or not, since she has her crib. But then, we found it really useful for her nap time our living room! Hehehe..
    So mommy can do many things while she was sleeping. It comes along with the mosquito net.
    Unfortunately, the size is too tiny that it only accommodate Gia's body until 3-4 months. 

  7. Play Mat
    We have a pink mat from PlayGro, aaaaaannndddd Gia just didn't like it. So we rolled it up and put it in our storage room. Bah!

  8. Baby Booster - Feeding Chair
    I thought my baby would be happily sit in her chair and feed herself happily. Na ah. 
    She loves sitting on the booster, but do not like to eat! However, this chair/booster is so helpful for me. Whenever I was left alone with Gia, I would bring along the chair whenever I go and put Gia in it. So, Gia can watch me doing everything. 

  9. Car Seat
    I got it from my bestfriends and it was a very useful gear until my mom ruins it. 
    Gia was trained to sit on her Babyelle car seat, so we can go by ourselves. However, my mom didn't have enough patience to put Gia in it. So, she doesn't really like being put on the seat.

    However, I am now re-train her. And put her in the carseat whenever possible. 
    Yes, it includes bathroom and living room.

  10. Soft Structure Carrier
    The one we frequently used is Baby Bjorn. It is said that the carrier is not recommended because of the structure of it's design do not support baby's body et cetera, which I do not really understand. I am now thinking to buy Boba Air, simply because the Bjorn is too small for Gia now and it doesn't have a back support that it now hurt my waist.

    I have Graco and Nina Nanna Combi, but do not comfortable with them.

    Anybody go with Boba Air?

  11. Sleepy Wrap
    I get one from my cousin too. The local brand, Hanaroo. 
    It is really convenient to use with tiny baby. More than 6 months? Not recommended

  12. Kain Jarik
    I wasn't able to use jarik earlier. But then, managed to be able to wrap Gia and take her around with this kain. She get one from her Uti, colored light blue and looks waaaaay better than any other Jarik in town :p

    Can be used from newborn up to now now now, and perhaps until then.

  13. Drawer
    Believe it or not, she has one drawer full of her belongings now. More than mine, perhaps. 
    Yeah, I think every baby deserves to have one.

  14. Breastpump - Bottle - Warmer - Sterilizer
    The breastfeeding journey was not so smooth that I need to pump my milk to feed Gia. It last for 2 months before she can finally latch on perfectly. I still pump my milk until now, so Gia will still get her milk whenever I'm not around. 

    The bottle, sterilizer and warmer was a help in need. I am really depends on those things back then. Now, I am still using the sterilizer frequently, and warmer for emergency purpose. 

    My breastpump is Phillips Avent Manual - the best one so far. Tried Medela Mini Electric, but it's just too tiny for me.

    As for the bottle, I am comfortable with Avent's and dr Brown. Back then, Gia was using Medela Calma Nipple and Medela Soft Feeder. 
Well, it hurts my back just to write the list. Hahaha...
I would be happy to help anyone with confusion to give my answer on your every question :)

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