Thursday, May 1, 2014

Find and Save Me

Hey, let me tell you about me. I'm a woman with lots of thoughts. I really want to take you on a trip inside my head, so let's enjoy the ride.

First thing first, I love being loved. Who doesn't?
I know you are full of love, and loveable. Don't you? I might haven't seen it yet, but I know I will. Someday.

Mind to go somewhere else? Here's a part where I think of being happy. That simple, with no additional spice of this and that. Just happy. And I know we can make it, right? Well, yeah again, perhaps you just want to save the best part for last.

I used to be powerful, and have superpower. But I don't mind sharing mine with yours. Because I know you can make me more powerful, rather than being powerless.

I can show you all the beauty part in me. But I don't think I should. Because I know you would bring the whole world to me. I still believe.

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