Friday, June 3, 2011

Singapore oo Singapore...

Long time no blogging ya! I know. 
Actually, soooo many drafts I made this several months. Just, I never have it done completely and published it *grin*. My laziness is killing me. I guess I just need some holiday, days off from my daily routines. Who doesn't, anyway? *another grin*

To shorten my introduction, here's the story. I bought the ticket from Air Asia a year ago, while they were opening the BIG SALE on 2010. And got Singapore flight for 500k Rupiah, for return of course (actually, once I got the one way trip, that'll be NO HOLIDAY. hehe...)
And on June 1st, I flew here. With bunch of people in the same flight (yeah, it will also always happen, unless you own your private jet, hahahaha). With flight and hotel, I am confidence to reach Singapore!! Yeah!!

Having no itinerary for 5D/4N (actually it will be 4D only since I reached Singapore on 1 am), I just made a lot of planning abut where to go, what to see, and what to buy :D

Day 1 
June 2, 2011

At 1 pm I arrived. Thank Air Asia for the delayed time, and shorten my trip also.
Having a smooth immigration check with no queue, I get the Ground Transport desk right in front of the exit door. I took the Airport Shuttle for S$9 per person to reach my hotel. For budget traveler who got no idea what bus or MRT to take, I suggest you to have this kind of transportation on the first hand. Especially when you arrived in the midnight. 

While waiting for the shuttle, I bought a bunch of BK set for late-night dinner. 

The bus was occupied with 6 person with 3 different location. The first location was to Hotel 81 Selegie (I recommend this hotel for it's location. The appearance also looked nice compared to other 81 chain). Second was Concorde Hotel, then mine was the last one. Value Hotel Balestier located in 218 Balestier Road, right in the corner of the street. On the right side of Value hotel also located Hotel 81 Fuji. But I don't recommend this hotel 81, don't know why..Hehe...

I got a room with large bay window. Quite good. Compared to the budget hotel chain in Indonesia, I made it equal with Amaris or Fave hotel chain. If you have experienced staying at Amaris Cimanuk, Bandung, this Value Hotel seemed so similar.

Room looked new and clean. With small cupboard and LCD TV, this room has several locations to placed your luggage (also, luggage should be cabin-sized, hehe). My room also has a cabin-sized bathroom, hahaha... With toilet, hand washer, and shower in around 1.5 x 1.5 meter (yaa...make it 2 meter lah). I have no complain for this room and hotel, everything's nice even though the view from my room not really interesting (just a lane and the back-side of other building).

Having a good sleep at 3 pm, and woke up at 8 am, I am sooo ready to rock Singapore! Hahaha...

the famous Bugis Junction from accross the street

MRT station is around 10-15 minutes walking distance, but the bus stop right in front of the hotel door! Nice!
My first destination is City Hall station to get Singapore Tourist Pass. Several people rather choose EZ-link. But for me, I prefer STP because it would be more convenient for me who got no idea what bus or MRT to take. So, If I took the wrong one, I wouldn't got charged for the rate...Hehe (it happened to me several times yesterday).
I bought the 3-day pass for 3S$34. The S$10 is for deposit only, and I can have it returned after 3 days, before 5 days. Unless, it would be expired. 
With S$8 per day, I think it's quite convenient. So, I do not need to walk a lot to reach my destination (laziness still killing me).

Albert Mall sign

From City Hall, I walked across the street and reached the Raffles Hotel. Hotel was old and historical, but still looked elegant. Keep walking and walking again, then I reached the famous Bugis Junction!
In Bugis Junction, you can have most of your impulsive needs hahaha... Clothes, wallet, watches, bags, shoes, even foods was sold here. With most of the shopper sold their stuff for S$10 for 1 or for 3. Juices only S$1.5 while in the other place you'll have to pay for around S$2.50 or more.

Walk and walk and walk, then I reached the Albert Mall (right or not?). There was also located the Kwan Im Temple and an Indian Temple (I guess it's Sri Krisna). Sorry, I forgot the name, but it's stated on the picture! Hehe...

Both are crowded by people. With lots of stall selling flowers, candle stick, and foods around the temple made it more and more crowded. 

Ooh yess, Sri Krisna and Kwan Im Thong Temple

Dominated by red and yellow color, I was felt like in Chinatown! Hehe...
But not the smell :p

Walked through the alley and got no destination, I somehow reached the Sim Lim Square. Ow ow, got lots of warning from the, I just having my lunch there :D

Well, I was dreaming for a carrot cake. But I didn't find it. So, I bought an Indian cuisine from a Moslem stall inside Sim Lim Square foodcourt. 
While enjoying my Garlic Prata and it's fish curry, I just realized that the carrot cake stall located right beside the Indian stall! Euh... :(

Anyway, the Indian cuisine was very nice! Curry and butter chicken both are good. Briyani rice was also soft and tasty. I recommend it also!

Then, I walked across the street, got no destination again and somehow get the Bras Basah. 
I took a bus from here to Bedok (actually, I have no idea that the bus would take me to Bedok, hahaha). The green scenery of Bedok was very nice. If the sun wasn't shining so strong, I must have made a choice to off the bus and sit around the lake.

Got the last destination of the bus, actually it was the SBS Transit station. Then I took a bus to Ang Mo Kio to MacPherson station, then took the MRT to Lavender, then got 145 bus to the hotel. Yeah, I got a  wrong bus on the first hand. That's why I need the STP hahaha :p

Esplanade, Singapore Flyer, and beautiful citylight

Relaxed until 7pm, then I continue the journey to Raffles Hall. With very nice scenery of the river at night, I took several photos of me and the river, and the Fullerton! Hehehe...
Have the journey end in the Orchard road, I got another plenty of plan to do tomorrow until Sunday. I'll keep you guys updated yaaa :) 

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