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Singapore oo Singapore... (part 2)

Sorry for the delayed. I should've wrote it a week ago. Just remind me not to much spending my time at work *note for self*

Owkaaayyy... Let's start our journey at Singapore day 2 and 3!

Day 2 
June 3rd 2011

The second day journey was all about beaches and sands!
Literally, I walked into Sentosa Island with their white sandy beaches (which was bought from Batam, I guess... Hehe) and end up the day at Marina Bay.

Actually, what I've been planning was to see Singapore in a different eye. Say goodbye to the luxurious or crowded shopping area. I want to see the land of Singapore, then there I was.

view from VivoCity
 I have been in Sentosa several years ago. Yes, I've been visited the Merlion Park, the hills and et cetera. Yet, I've never seen their famous Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach, and all! Thus, I visited those places in a day.

I'm not looking for sands or the sun. Indonesia has it all. And best one, of course.
Started the journey from Newton station, we ended up at the Harbourfront. Yeah, VivoCity  mall was the first time to visit that day. I walked into Giant Hypermart and looked for several snacks and juices to bring along with me. Yeah, prices was so so. I guess my best buy was the kaya bread, 1 dollar only for around 10 pieces. hahaha...

And this is VivoCity fake Island hahaha
 The Sentosa Island admission fee and train ticket cost S$3. With the train, we can travel to and from Sentosa - VivoCity with several stations in Sentosa Island.

 Sentosa Island has its own tram service to pick-up and deliver all tourists.
I tried those tram, both to Palawan Beach and Siloso Beach (I do not visited Imbiah since it was so similar each other, hehe). Those beaches located in a different direction. Compared to one another, Palawan provides more peaceful and comfortable location for enjoying the white sands and sea water while Siloso provides more attraction and shops.

 I'd rather choose Palawan :)

Walking on the beach area makes me wonder why Indonesia can't make it like this?
We have everything. White sandy beach, blue ocean, even we have a huge waves! What we don't have is the cleanliness and discipline. Dunno why :(

Haha... let's continue our journey!

And this is the famous Siloso logo
 Next stop is the Resort World Sentosa. I was walked into the train and stopped by to see how does the RWS going? It seemed soooo fabulous with its advertising everywhere. In addition, Universal Studios makes it all happened. People tend to visit Singapore for the USS only, hehe...

Located in the island, RWS has successfully turned Sentosa into a huge family attraction. Seems a little bit pricey, USS admission fee is S$66 for weekdays and S$72 for weekends, yet it still attracted people to come and enjoy the ride. If you'd like to experience how does it feel to live in a movie, just pay the admission fee and have those experience! :)

Ended up my day in Sentosa at around 2pm, I walked into the Harbourfront and successfully found my first carrot cake in Singapore! Yeah!!

On the Resort World Sentosa
 It was precious, more than having a ride at USS. I've been dreaming about the dish since several months ago, and I got it!

With S$6, I got the medium sized. Don't you think medium as medium, because for me it was seemed like extra large. Hahaha... 6 stacks of carrot cake was lying beautifully on my plate! Nom!
The carrot cake also become my first meal of the day. And...remember previous day when I skipped carrot cake because of the Indian curry? Today, I skipped curry for carrot :)

Let's continue the journey!

I was very interested to the Marina Bay, and aimed to have a look at that. Thus, I took a ride of MRT to the Marina Bay. Emm... Guess I was taking a ride to another location since I remember having a ride with a bus to Marina, haha... (Short term memory loss).
However, I was successfully get into the Marina Bay Sands, have a seat on the dock, then walking around to find the ticket booth to the Sky Park.

Sadly, I didn't took a ride to the Sky Park. Instead, I took a walk to the Singapore Flyer. hahaha...
From Marina Bay to Singapore Flyer, there was a huge bridge, with very artistic design. Very smart, Singapore. You have got me amazed..

There, you will see the F1 arena (from the Youth Stadium), with its sign on the street.

Arrived at the Singapore Flyer arena at around 6, I walked around to see food stalls inside the arena. Wowww, another heaven of foods. You can get most anything you like, actually. But ever since I was very interested to sit by the sea, I bought Popeyes seafood with Cokes only.

The famous Singapore Flyer
Okay, I didn't took a ride of Singapore Flyer. But I swear someday i'll come over and have it! So, what I've done that afternoon? I took a bus to the Marina Bay Sands again, and sit on the dock.
Surprisingly, while we arrived at 8pm, there was a show from the Marina Bay. The very similar with Songs of the Sea, without story.
However, the show was also spectacular and totally interesting. Love it love it love it!

Then, next journey is to the Clarke Quay to see how does the Singapore River doing? Hehehe...

I took a ride of a bus then stopped at the Chinatown. Yeah, I was going back and forth a lot, just to see Singapore :)
From Chinatown to Clarke Quay, I took MRT. Arrived after 10pm, the crowd was super! There was also flea market in the Riverside hall.

Youngsters were made their day on the bridge. People sat and chat with their groups or fellas.
Yeah, typical. Like we did. Perhaps the difference is, they were drinking beer instead of black coffee or tea... Hehe...

Unfortunately, I was too late for the MRT. Then, I waited for a bus, for half an hour. Fortunately, I caught the latest bus in time. Fyuh...

Thank God for making my day today. Thanks bus number 139 on 12.30am.
Time to have some rest. *really feel the pain in my ankle now, hehe...*

the clarke quay bridge

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