Thursday, December 16, 2010

obstacles in writing

I tried to write since last Thursday. Just, there's nothing applied! I was so consfused, tired, over excited, and everything. And ever since, the writing was never been made.

Okay, many things has happened during this exciting week.

I am now fully in-charge in a position, in HR department. I will tell you later in what position I'll be. But from last Tuesday, I will officially be an HR Officer since January *whereas this position will be revised, they said so*.

I was so so so exciting! I have passed all the Graduate Trainee Program schedule, passed all presentation, and everything. My jobs were meet the expecations, and I will be one of the Organisation and Talent Development team.

It was happened last Thursday, my sweat were all out. Cannot laugh out loud, and cannot think clearly. It was my presentation day!
Being the first person to present made me quite anxious. Tapi menyelesaikannya dengan singkat padat dan tuntas juga membuat bahagia :)

Next step is to have the offering session. It's a decision to place me in a position for at least next two years. And all I can say is, it was sooooo shocking to have such promotion :)
I love it, I like it, and I really appreciate it!

See you next round :)


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