Sunday, December 12, 2010

birthday wish, or...should i say, christmast wishlist? ;)

These are few things that came up randomly in my head within year 2010. And I guess, wrapping it for the very last time of my 23 years-old would be very nice!

Yeah, these are those random thoughts, and I have proiritise it. SO, should you need any clue for my birthday, these are my wishlist:

  1. New Blackberry smartphone gadget. Since I've lost my old javelin, I do feel a great loss. I cannot be connected to my business well, and need to postpone several selling activities ;) And yes, I do need it back. Onyx 2, please...
  2. Dumbbell pinkies. Two kilos each ;)
  3. Exercise ball. Purple would be very good.
  4. Digital camera. The pocket size one, with red color. Deep red!
  5. Flat boots. Or, 3-5cms wedges heels, please ;)
  6. 15 kilos thinner than this. Any slimming pills? Haha
  7. New re-decorated Aunty's Closet photos and website :)
  8. Needs to have my goods sold.
  9. Upgraded basic salary. Make it double!
  11. Aunty's Little Cafe...
  12. Good position at work
  13. Okay, a new Blackberry would wrap these all up. And suddenly I need nothing, hahaha.
Thanks for paying me an attention!


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