Saturday, December 5, 2009

precious present

This is a common words: yesterday's a history, tomorrow's mystery, and today's a gift! That's why it's called present.

I am sitting on my lovely little room this Saturday night. Have some little chat with my fellow friends, also texting with my partner. This is it, and I try to enjoy it. Though, people keep asking me: 'Don't you go on a date?'

Do we really need to go on a date?
Do I really have to go on a date?
All I can say is, it doesn't. But, having these kinda routine in humans life makes me feel lonely in this Saturday night. But, again, I'm not blaming on anything.

A little bit bad tempered, tears runs in my cheek, and moony. I keep in mind that this only caused by the PMS. I shouldn't complain on anything since I have everything.
I have a perfect pack body, complete with it's brain and soul. I have families, boyfriend, friends. A colorful social and love life, I have a good job, and everything that would envy people. But, as a human, I still feel nothing.

I still eager to pursuit for my dreams. And I have plenty. So many worldly things.
Dreaming to be free in this world, I have so many plans. But, the fact that I haven't got any just makes me sick more.
Sadly, I forgot that what I said nothing is everything for many other people.

Seeing a magazine seller-man in the junction this noon makes me feel sorry for complaining on too many things. I should feel so lucky and be grateful to the Lord since my life is perfect.
A little messy love life shouldn't ruins my day, and some nags shouldn't keep my mood bad all the time. Dreaming for something that isn't mine would makes me envy others, so why don't take a look at something that is mine and the others don't? I would have been missing these things.

I keep complaining on many things that I just cannot reach at the moment. I keep struggling for something that is not crucial, and only to makes me feel happy. But what I've done these times? All of me, just for me. Not anyone else. In fact, we were live for each other. That's why we called social creature.

I would love to try to look at the bottom. Not to makes me feel higher, but only to makes me thankful for everything I own.
To keeps me remembering all the things that I have to share with others, goods and happiness. Love and life. History and gifts.

This present time will never repeat again. How come I stand still and doing nothing? There's plenty of things to do. For life, for others, for the world.
I should have value the time of my life since a long long time ago. People out there needs me, needs you, and need others so. There's no need to complaining on the barbershop for your wrong haircuts, no need to complain on the plumber for your broken toilet, and no need to complain on the gardener for your brown grass. Why don't you take it yourself? Save your energy for many other things than complain. Take a look around you, and be grateful for everything you've own.

This is a precious gift from the Lord. Precious present that will also be a history in our future mystery...

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