Monday, December 7, 2009

7 ANNOYING THINGS LIVING ON THE BUS *7 hal yang menyebalkan untuk ada dalam bis umum-red*

There are some circumstances allowed people to travel with public transportation. Me, in particular, using bus. Not transjakarta bus, but the common bus. These are the bus I used to get along with: AC70, P6, 640, 57, or 502.
They usually filled with people. As I can say, I feel like being a radish than people. The bus driver and the co-driver used to fill in the bus as much as they can *as it being innumerable*.

---------continued after a looooooong breaking meeting-------------

I am getting sick of talking bla bla bla, since there's too many things to say in the meeting. SO, I am just making it quick as 1 2 3.

There's 7 annoying things LIVING on the bus. Here is the list:

  1. The kenek is always packed the bus with passengers even though the contents looked such a Pindang fish. and the bus driver also run slowly so passengers can continue to filling in the bus. And suddenly the bus getting into the sideways as an italic letter!
  2. The lady who get into the bus should really have to tie up their hairs. As there's so many young lady with their long sunsilk hair, waving around here and there. Once they trapped into a position on the fully packed bus, they cannot move along, so does their hair. And, their hair comes along inside someone's eyes, who sat just behind them. Such an emotionally incidents! *since i haven't got a hair to be entered in someone's eye*
  3. Sorry to say, bad body odour... It's really annoying, dude. Once you have to hang on the handle upside the bus, and you take your hands up, the bad smells suddenly spread into whole bus. Dizzy and nausea are the feelings that you have to get used to it :)) Now you know why they produce rexona, axe, even bedak BB harumsari???
  4. Bad sleeping habit people. What can you say when someone suddenly put their heads on your shoulder? And they sleeping, and they cannot get up, and once they get up that's because they're already come in their destination. Freakingly upsetting! Thank God if they're not snoring :))
  5. Poking habit people. Cannot say any word, just slap them on their fu*****ly cheek!
  6. Public singer that voice was not good at all! Can I say it's breaking my ear??
  7. Above of all, someone who fart!!!! Nothing annoyed than bad smells of your frat!
Once you get into a bus, make sure that there's no particular people mentioned above ;)


  1. Kayanya 506 ya? seringnya

    diaman2 sama aja ya?? Z^ juga gitu :(

    Untuk udh ada bekasi-lebak bulus.
    hahaha, berasa naik feeder komplek.

  2. itu dulu siiihhh,,,, jamannya naik P6 budeeee! hahaha... pindang tongkol dahhh...


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