Monday, November 30, 2009

7 reasons why you HAVE TO stay slim

I've been thinking about it sooo many times, but just have an idea how to make realizing it as an article. Actually, there are plenty of reasons why you should stay slim for the whole of your life. But, unfortunately, most of articles said that there's only several reasons why you should maintain your weight. Sooooo I am going mainstream to conclude it in only 7 REASONS =)

  1. Health reason. There's no other good reason than do it for your health! Trust me. You'll get failed in any diet way if you don't have this a your priority. Obesity related to many disease, and there's no objection. I really understand why people with excess weight may feel some dizzy, fatigue, heart failure, and so on due to their obesity. Fats are the most dangerous monster for your health, trust me. If you feel like having no fat, you'll gain a respiratory problem. And you'll hate it, just like me.
  2. Easy-to-travel reason. One good reason to maintain your health is, you can bring along you body anywhere you want! You can move it quick and easily. No need extra effort just to walk along in the park with you mates.
  3. Clothing choices reason. You will get more freedom to choose what kind of clothes, how you will look, and where to buy your clothes, since you no need to worry about the size, price, and specialties in selling clothes [i mean, you need to find the extra large size]. Being slim, you can buy even the lowest price!
  4. FREE SOME SPACE! I mean it. I rrreeeaaaly mean it. Since I have seen so many people take no action on their obesity, and they still don't care whether they need to gain more space just to put their lovely ass, I think this is one of another good reason. Please, people. You will be free to have a seat on the bus, and people beside you will be comfort sitting beside you. And you will also free to walk down a narrow alley, just to buy your favorite snacks, or you can freely choose to sit in any chair since you don't need to find the wider one. Trust me. You'll be free to be in any place!
  5. Reveal your beauty! Inner and outer, that will be a complete package. I have no doubt that people have their own beauty however they look. But, in fact, being slim will gives you more pride and confidence to show your beauty anytime, anywhere. CONFIDENCE! that's the point.
  6. Frugal. You cannot compromise with the economic reason. Just in case you're the Queen Elizabeth's grandchild, you can feel save about your money ;p But, in fact, people need to think economically. You need to save money, and you can keep that in your memory. So, once you think about buying some foods or snacks, just keep in mind that it'll make you bankrupt one day :))))
  7. Make your partner happy, your family proud, and yourself satisfied. Above of all, it's YOU who needs to be satisfied!

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