Friday, October 30, 2009

this experience turned me into a humanitarian people

I have experienced as a full-time jobless. There's an uncomfortable feeling, indeed. That's why I kinda understand people's feeling when they being asked about their personal life, such as their job, salary, or whatever. Being empty in any personal pieces would turn people to feel inferior, envious of any other successful person, and whatsoever.

One day, an advertisement on my mailing list became a turnover in my life. In all conscience, this news I got isn't what I've been expecting. But though, I was still take an interest on it. Those advertisement said that the united nations looking for a communication intern, which offer a fascinating experienced, but unpaid.

Ever since I have a thought that money isn't the priority on my list *that I should achieve for now*, I apply for that position. And again, I am not fully expecting this job. I was still on a recruitment progress on several private and multinational companies. Thus, I think if I got the job in UN, that would take a lead on my future career.

A phone call rang on my cellphone someday in Thursday morning. Someone named Amy called from the United Nations and she wants me to come to the interview. WOW! I was surprised. That took only a few times since I sent the application, then I got a phone call. I was in Bandung that time, and I immediately return to Jakarta to have some preparation. Hehe...

To quickened it, I finally entering UN as intern, still unpaid, and facing a different environment that I've got from several internship program that I have join.
It was started in early October, and I immediately got a plenty colleague, experience, and also ANOTHER JOB OFFERING! YEEAAYY!!!

All my thought about money, and about taking this decision to be worked here even unpaid is totally right. I would envy someone with this experience if I wasn't joining this program. There's too many things that you would get. And overall, your capabilities will improved.
Me myself definitely have already changed my mind for the future. Now, I am interested only to work in NGO's, preferably international, and any other humanity program. I also tend to obtain a scholarship, to continue my grade study into Master degree. And that would lead me to reach a higher position in NGO, hehehee...

People said that this won't give you a high income. But still, it's way more satisfying and would give a relieve feeling much more than you expected. It's a prize in working for humanity.

It is highly recommended to joining this program to lead you being a better person.

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