Thursday, October 8, 2009

oohh how i love today, and hopefully my life in the day after, and after tomorrow, and so on

i really agree that we should appreciate everyday in our life. just, it's not easy to be done.
i used to grumble about many things before. but it's not an easy thing to do, right?
but not today, because i got many beautiful things right from the very first morning i woke up.

  1. i found my cellphone. even it already turned off because of the battery if empty and it already lay on the floor. but thank's God i finally found it easily
  2. i finished dressing early, so that i can go to the office early
  3. my meals and tea are ready on the table
  4. i have a pack of cadbury chocolate on my bag
  5. i got angkot easily, and it's only half-full
  6. i got the bus more easily, and got the front seat
  7. i got a seat on metro mini
  8. i already got my id card so that i don't need to put my KTP on the front office
  9. people greeted me
  10. my supervisor wasn't arrived when i come to the office, YEAY
  11. i work for humanity, and it's a very good one
and the list will grow longer when the day is over :)

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