Thursday, January 29, 2009

kali ini, gabisa menghindar lagi deh

setelah lulus kuliah, gada lagi kesempatan untuk menghindar dari kewajiban sebagai...manusia! hahaha...
finally, i have to afford my own needs. i have to get a job to fulfill my needs, buy my own things, pay my own bills, and so on. i have to. no one pushed me to do this, but i have an ideology inside me, saying that I have to run my life on my own, so here i am

i've sent many cv's to get a job, hahaha... actually...i need activities, i need experiences, and i need money *who doesn't?*
so, i am now praying that the best candidate will come, and i get a dream job. a.s.a.p. hahaha
err...not really soon, because i still want to go somewhere out there, seek new experiences, travelling, laughing, hahahaha :D

may the best come first :D

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