Friday, January 9, 2009

i will never eat @ cherry's corner anymore!

last month, i ate @ cherry's corner with my fellow friends, njum and heychael. i ordered fuyung hai, njum ordered buttered chicken, and heychael ordered fried rice.
after waiting for a couple of minutes, we got our foods... yummy :D

we continued our talking while eating our foods. and suddenly heychael stopped eating, and showed me something on his plate. guess what? IT'S A COCKROACH!!!

but i still finished my foods, so does njum. but heychael loosen his appetite. hahaha... no wonder lah...

several days later, i talked to my other friends about the COCKROACH thing. and then... they told me that they also have the same experience, one with the MAGGOT and one with the CATTERPILLAR. oh my God, i swear i'll never order food from that little fusion cafe anymore...


  1. Hmm, ni cafe niatnya cuman setengah kali ya??!!!

    gw pernah pesen cola float

    floatnya malah es durian.

  2. huahahaha... es duriannn???
    untung apa rugi yah itungannya? :p


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